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DJ Ell How To Solder A Cable


Sooner or later, your cables will go down on you at a show, in the studio, or at home. Knowing how to solder your own cables separates you from the amateurs. Here’s how to do it yourself.

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The Movement Mix Episode 05

 The Movement Mix Releases 2-4 Episodes Per Month. Featuring Some Of The Hottest Tracks and Commercial Remixes Each Month. Visit For New Episodes and Free Downloads Of Each Episode. Download To Your iPhones, Mobile Devices, and Tablet. This Weeks Episode Featuring New Music From Migos x Future x Drake[…]

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Audio Quiz

Audio Quiz How Well Do You Know Your Audio   1: 2 Main Mix Types: 2: Name 2 Types of Polar Patterns: 3: What is the Fletcher Muncher Curve: 4: Signal Chain of Recording Setup: 5: Signal To Noise Ration: 6: Headroom: 7: What Makes a Good Reference Mix: 8: Active and[…]

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2Q Wireless Talkback System

2Q Wireless talkback system is a tool created for producers and engineers to move freely around the control room while maintaining talkback communication with artists and musicians in the live room. 2Q uses a 64 Bit and 32 Bit Plugin called Source Talkback to communicate between your 2Q remote and Pro[…]

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